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If you are intending to try and make recipes such as a Crème Brulee there is really no substitute for the hand held butane torch when it comes to creating the beautiful crunchy sugar coating.

The torch works using common butane lighter fuel that is easily available from most cooking stores, supermarkets or even tobacconists. Fuelling the burner is a simply process whereby you push the top of the fuel canister into a valve found on the bottom of the burner.

Once fuelled, the butane torch is very easy to operate as there are only really two controls. First is the gas valve. This controls the flow of fuel to the burner and often has the igniter incorporated into it.

Next is the air flow valve. This is important as it controls the temperature of the flame. It usually takes the form of a screw that covers a hole in the burners’ barrel. When you turn the screw to uncover the hole it allows more oxygen to mix with the gas which produces a hotter blue flame. Covering the hole starves the flame and produces a cooler yellow flame that is easier to see.

Recipes that make use of a Butane Torch:

Creme Brulee