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Welcome to our Reviews page. Here you can find out what we think of the places we’ve visited in the time since starting to build this website. The places we review revolve mainly around food and drink so places such as restaurants and bars will feature heavily.

Originally we were aiming to limit our reviews to just those places in and around our local area which is the Central Coast of New South Wales. Recently however, we have decided to open it up and include places that are further afield meaning that places such as the Hunter Valley and Great Sothern wine regions will also have their place as well.

Now, a few notes about us to put the reviews into perspective. Firstly, I am definitely not a professional photographer and I have no links to any of the places I review, in fact my wife and I are just customers that go in for a visit and take a few pictures. I do my best to get good images but sometimes they just don’t work out, for this I’ll apologise in advance.

Secondly, the more astute among you might notice that a lot of the pictures are taken during the day without too many people in the restaurants. This is generally because my wife and I have a small child and as such, going out for lunch is a lot more convenient than trying to find a baby sitter etc. It’s not a reflection on the relative popularity of the places.

Third and finally, when visiting various different places such as wineries, my terminology probably won’t be up to the standard of say, a site that dedicates itself to wine and nothing else. What I can say about this is that I don’t think it really matters; I’m not trying to sell the places or products to anyone. I’m just trying to give an insight as to whether I thought it was good and worth a visit or not.

On that note, please feel free to have a look around using the navigation buttons at the top of the page or you can use these links: Central Coast Restaurants by Location, Central Coast Restaurants A to Z, and Our Road Trips visiting places around Australia.