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Denmark and the Great Southern Wine Region

The Sea

Our last visit to the town of Denmark in the Great Southern Wine Region

Pages include articles on the Wineries, Restaurants and other attractions.

The Forrest

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Hawkesbury River Riverboat Postman Cruise

The Riverboat Postman

Our last visit to the Hawkesbury Riverboat Postman cruise during December 2009.

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Riverboat Postman
or the
Lifeboat Seafood Restaurant

Lifeboat Seafood Restaurant

Hervey Bay and the Frazer Coast

The Hervey Bay Marina

An overview of our visit to the Frazer Coast towns of Hervey Bay, Childers and Bundagerg.

Articles include a look at some of the local attractions and places we visited.

Nearby Sugar Cane Fields

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The Hunter Valley

Tour Bus
Wines of the Hunter

The Hunter Valley, a huge collection of wineries, breweries, cheese factories, restaurants, pubs and plenty of other things to do as well.

Here's a selection of the things we've seen and done during our many visits.

Hot air ballooning

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