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Hervey Bay and the Frazer Coast

Hervey Bay Marina from our hotel room

Our visit to the town of Hervey Bay on the Frazer Coast was the result of an invitation to a friend’s wedding. Now, I love a good wedding so when we got the invitation we jumped at the chance to visit somewhere new.

Our visit was for four nights largely due to budgetary constraints and the hotel having a four nights for the price of three deal. With the wedding preparation, ceremony and reception taking up the best part of two days this left us with about one and a half days to look around the local region.

So, what did we get up to? Well, it started with our arrival at around lunch time on Friday. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around exploring the hotel surrounds and swimming in the hotels pool before heading down to one of the waterfront restaurants for dinner.

The morning of the next day was spent getting ready for the wedding before heading off to the town of Maryborough for the wedding ceremony. The wedding reception was held at the Hervey Bay Boat Club which was just a short walk up from our hotel.

Trent and Leahs wedding
The sugar cane fields

The next morning was better not mentioned, by the afternoon we felt up to a walk up the coast a bit to visit an Aquarium showcasing a selection of the local fish and coral species before getting a take away dinner from one of the local restaurants to have in our room.

Monday, our last full day was spent exploring the region in a hire car. We started out driving to a small town called Childers where we had some of the best ice cream I've ever eaten before moving on to the town of Bundaberg where we went to visit the Bundaberg Rum distillery and the Bundaberg Ginger beer Barrel.

That’s it, an incredibly busy and very enjoyable four days. For more details on any of the things we went to see and do you can visit the pages below.

Trent and Leahs Wedding
The Bundaberg Rum Distillery
The Bundaberg Ginger Beer Barrel
Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream
The Reefworld Aquarium

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