Trent and Leahs Wedding
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Trent and Leahs Wedding

On the 20th of February 2010 Trent Cooper married Leah Chapman. We were lucky enough to be invited. This is how the day went from our perspective.

Just after the ceramony

On the 20th of February 2010 Trent Cooper married Leah Chapman. We were lucky enough to be invited. This is how the day went from our perspective.

The day started with my wife taking the obligatory visit to the hair dresser while I stayed at the hotel to look after our daughter. After a quick trip out for lunch and a bit of getting ready we set out to catch the coach that would take us on the thirty something kilometre trip to the town of Maryborough for the ceremony.

As we went through Maryborough, it was obvious to see that there was a lot of history. A lot of the houses were clearly very old and were very good examples of the early architecture used in the region. On arrival at the church it was clear that this building had been around for quite a while as well. It was very large for the size of the town with a good tall bell tower and some beautiful stained glass windows.

Not being at all religious and having a small child in tow, we thought it best to just follow what everyone else was doing while sitting at the back. Even from where we were, we could sense the nerves coming from the front of the church as the ceremony got started. There was quite a bit of nervous laughter and uncomfortable shuffling from side to side. This all changed the moment the flower girl, decided that the people in the bridal party, including the priest had to pat a toy birdie that she’d found somewhere. From that point, the tension broke and everyone seemed to start to relax and enjoy the occasion.

The Church at Maryborough
The Boat Club

After the ceremony and pictures had been taken, we all piled back into the bus for the trip back to the Hervey Bay Boat Club for the reception. The Boat Club can be found right beside the Hervey Bay marina, probably only a couple of hundred metres from our hotel. The room was decorated in a black and white theme with the bridal table up against a big window with panoramic views over the boats.

Overall, the reception was a great affair. The meal was buffet style with a wide variety of choice for both the main meal and dessert. The wedding cake was quite spectacular and the speeches were short and heartfelt enough to keep everyone interested after which the music and dancing kept everyone going till the bride and groom left, of course the open bar helped in this respect too.

In conclusion I’d like to say thank you to both Trent and Leah for allowing us to share your special day. We had a really great time.

The wedding cake

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