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The Bundaberg Rum Distillery Self Guided Tour and Tasting

The Molasses Factory

When someone mentions the town of Bundaberg to me, the first thing that pops into my, and I suspect quite a few other peoples head is rum. As a result, obviously the first thing we did on visiting the town was to go find and visit the distillery.

The distillery sits not too far from the Bundaberg town centre, smack bang next to the factory that produces the molasses used in the rum making process. Now, while I’m sure the factory turns out some truly world class molasses, it’s certainly not the nicest thing to look at. In fact the drive up to the distillery entrance was looking a bit ominous at times as we kept following signs that looked like they were pointing at a the dirty old factory sheds. Fortunately it all became clear as we arrived.

On arrival you have a two tour options available to you. First is the full guided tour of the distillery and second is a self guided tour of the museum that takes you through some of the history of the place. Both end up in the Bond store where you can taste their range of rum and liqueurs.

We decided to go with the self guided tour, primarily because we’ve been around distilleries before and know how the process works but also because the self guided tour was a bit cheaper and because the guided tour required you to wear covered shoes, which we didn’t have with us at the time.

Welcome to the home of Bundaberg Rum
The Bundy Bear

The trip around the museum was very interesting and goes through the history of the company as well as explaining how the distillation process works. Unfortunately, it culminates in a theatre that plays a loop of marketing propaganda saying how good Bundy Rum which is right next to a big poster explaining why a rum company from Queensland has a polar bear for a mascot.

So, why does a rum maker from Queensland have a polar bear for a mascot? Well it turns out that it was just another marketing ploy designed to sell Bundaberg rum to people in the cooler southern states. I must say I was disappointed with this. I was expecting a really interesting and funny story or something like that and ended up finding out that it was just an advertising gimmick that stuck. Honestly, I think I’d have been happier not to know.

Anyway, after that comes the good bit. You head out of the museum and onto the bar. They have three different things for you to try, Bundaberg Red, Bundaberg Reserve and their Royal Liqueur. Now, I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of rum; ordinarily I just wouldn’t drink it. But on this occasion I have to say that it went down quite well.

Of the two rums on offer I have to say that I preferred the Bundaberg Red, the Reserve was more a rum for rum drinkers where as the Red, filtered through Red Gum charcoal which incidentally is where it gets its name is more aimed at those of us that would normally prefer a good bourbon.

Tasting their wares

This said, of the three drinks on offer the hero of the show was definitely the Royal liqueur. The mix of rum, coffee and chocolate flavours is really something to behold. I really can’t speak highly enough about it. Sadly, it’s only available from the distillery direct so unless you happen to live nearby it may be a bit hard to find.

Address: Whittred St,Bundaberg East, QLD, 4670
Phone: (07) 4131 2999

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This is the first time I have felt compelled to write such a letter. On Saturday 20th Nov. last together with our visiting friends from Germany and at their request we took them on a distillery tour.
Since we are residents of Bundaberg and had not visited the complex for approx. 14years,I was amazed when our friends who insisted on paying were told it was $100 for the four of us, and also as I had on sandals a further $12 was required for a covered show..($10 refunded on return).
When we went into the theatre the first thing we were told by the young guide was that the packaging room was closed to visitors, so we were shown a film of the process. We then had to hand over our bags, phones, watches etc. before we started the tour - in pouring rain I might add. The only undercover area we entered was where the molasses sludge was. After that we stood outside different buildings in the rain while the young man gave us facts about the making of rum, then it was back to the shop-bar for a sample of rum drinks.
My point in this exercise is that we considered it to be a complete "RIP OFF" at $25p.p. for half a tour and was so embarrassed for our visitors who considered the whole tour a "Joke".
We are loyal Bundaberg residents of many years and proud of our city, but will certainly not be recommending this tour to anyone in the future.
Mrs. Carmel Bitcon

Posted by Carmel Bitcon on Tuesday, 23.11.10 @ 12:11pm

Wow, thatís quite a story. Makes me glad I skipped the guided tour on our visit.

Hi Bundaberg rum, do you export to the usa, las vegas. My counsin came from vegas, and was over the moon about the taste of Bunderberg rum. Any idea how I can get a couple of bottles to Vegas. I want to send over a Australia pack, vegimite, milo, nobby nuts, and tim tams. Can't send via post. thanks Lina

Posted by Lina on Tuesday, 14.12.10 @ 22:08pm

At the moment Iím afraid Iíve got no idea if you can get it in the US. If anyone knows, let me know and Iíll update the site with the details.

I totally disagree with the above comment, I was travelling around Australia with my boyfriend and we decided to visit the factory. We had a lovely time, the staff were friendly, we enjoyed the rums, and thought it was reasonably prices(and we were travellers so had little funds!!)
I would not normally comment on such things but felt deeply saddened to see such a negative comment, when we had such a fabulous time!
We purchased 3 bottles of the bundy rum; two bottles of the Royal rum (which have been finished off tonight) and a special personalised label bottle as a gift.
Bundaberg is a highly sought after in England and people should feel proud to live in Bundaberg! :)

Posted by Miss Embling on Tuesday, 4.01.11 @ 08:14am

I love the Royal Liqure and was wondering if I am able to buy it online? I live in NSW and don't get up that far very often at all. I know it's not available in the shops but would love to be able to get the odd bottle. Bundy products are great.

Posted by Karla on Saturday, 29.01.11 @ 13:14pm

Sadly, the only option Iíve heard of to get hold of the Royal Liqueur in NSW is by the case. The details can be found on the web page. I know of a couple of groups of friends who have gone in together to split a case. Maybe this is something you could try.

could i buy some rum royale and get it posted to Merbein vic 3505?

Posted by Melissa on Friday, 25.03.11 @ 18:08pm

If you have a look at our Royal Liqueur Page at it gives you the details on how to mail order the royal liqueur from Bundaberg.

My husband has been a bundy man for a very long time and was very keen to visit the Bundaberg Rum Distillery.Being from the Adelaide Hills the trip was worth the 2300km travelled. We didn't suffer the rain like some, we were faced with the humidity and blazing sun. You get that as only god can control the weather, our wonderful Bundy Bear is good, though even some things are out of his control. I am now a fond drinker of the Royal Liqueur, not a bad drop I must say.

Posted by Wife of a Bundy Man on Tuesday, 9.08.11 @ 14:18pm

Wondering if I can order the lequer online at all, as I do not live near Bundy factory. My husband is not a big drinker but I think you guys made the perfect taste.

Could you please tell me how to order for private sale

Please help!!!!!

Posted by Lizz Balfour on Thursday, 8.09.11 @ 22:30pm

We are having visitors from Sweden in October of this year and would like to know the days of the week and commencement times of your guided tours.
Chris Johansson

Posted by Chris Johansson on Sunday, 20.01.13 @ 10:17am

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