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How to segment Citrus Fruit

How to segment Citrus Fruit such as Oranges. The technique required to separate the segments of citrus fruit so as to leave the bitter pith behind.

Remove top and bottom

Step 1

Cut a slice of peel from each ends of the fruit in order to expose the flesh.

Step 2

Stand the fruit upright and cut away the peel and white pith, following the curve of the fruit. When peeling citrus fruit, it is important to take off as much of the bitter white pith as possible while leaving the flesh intact.

Remove peel
Remove as much pith as possible

Step 3

Continue until you have removed all of the peel and as much of the pith as is possible. 

Step 4

Using a small knife, cut down both sides of one of the segments until you reach the central core, your cuts should meet each other at the base of the segment. Try to cut as close to the segment membranes as you can and be as gentle as possible so as not to damage the segment as you remove it.

Remove segments
Segments ready for use.

Step 5

Working around the fruit, continue cutting between the membranes and segments until you have removed them all. You should aim to have all of the segments end up a uniform size and shape.

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