Wild Hibiscus flowers in Syrup
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Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

Wild Hibiscus flowers in Syrup

When I first came across them, which was a good few years back now, these Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup were relatively rare. You would see them on the occasional market stall but that was about it. Recently however they seem to be showing up all over the place so as a result they have become a lot easier to get a hold of.

The flowers themselves are a dark reddish pink colour and come stored in a jar that is filled with sweet sugary syrup.

Being quite small so as to easily fit within the head of a teaspoon and having a slightly sweet flavour that would be best described as a combination of rhubarb and raspberry; the flowers lend themselves well to a variety of uses including desserts and Cocktails.

An example of an easy to make cocktail that we have made can be found here.

Wild Hibiscus Champagne Cocktails

One of the flowers on a teaspoon

If you’d like any more info on the edibility of the hibiscus varieties, www.hibiscus.org seem to know what they are talking about.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in where the Wild Hibiscus flowers in Syrup come from or where you can get them from, their website can be found here www.wildhibiscus.com.

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