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Chocolate Coated Apple Bites

Inspired by the humble toffee apple, these Chocolate Coated Apple Bites attempt to keep to the brilliantly simple concept of having beautifully coated apple on a stick while removing the awkwardness of having to try eat a whole apple coated in sticky toffee.

Chocolate Coated Apple Bites


  • 2 Apples
  • 150g Dark Chocolate
  • 150g White Chocolate


  • 16 Toothpicks


Core the apples

Step 1

Core the Apples and then remove a slice from their bottoms so that they have a flat surface and will stand up on their own. Next stick eight toothpicks evenly around the top of each apple.

Step 2

Slice the apple in the spaces between the toothpicks so that you have eight bite size pieces.

Slice apple into pieces
Melt chocolate and coat the pieces of one apple

Step 3

Melt the dark chocolate and using the toothpicks as a handle, coat the pieces of one of the apples and set them aside on baking paper to allow the chocolate to set.

Step 4

Repeat the process with the white chocolate using the second apple.

Use white chocolate to coat the other apple
Serve dark and white pieces together.

Step 5

To serve, using alternating colours, place the apple pieces back onto a plate and surround with mixed nuts. Together they are perfect for use as a nibble plate when you have friends around for a few drinks.

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