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The Bay Cafe

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Type: Seafood Restaurant

The bay cafe is located in Toowoon Bay which is only a short drive from The Entrance. The building is definitely not much to look at from the outside and I have to say that when we were walking up to it I was having doubts as to whether I really wanted to go inside. The building is a bit shabby and there are overgrown trees crowding the entrance.

We decided to go in anyway and to be honest I’m glad we did. Once you get through the door, everything changes. The decoration fits perfectly with the theme of the place. I guess it just feels like a seafood restaurant should.

We were seated by the window, ordinarily I like being by the window however this time those same trees that crowded the entrance also covered most of the windows. At night I guess this isn’t such an issue but as we visited for Sunday lunch it just looked a bit untidy.

The Meal

The restaurant specializes in both sea and outback food. To this end we decided to try both. My wife chose the Seafood Shell for one. I had the Outback Plate.

The Seafood shell was a fairly standard mix of seafood containing Prawns, Oysters, Calamari and Crab as well as a selection of fresh fruit. It was presented very nicely in a large shell, hence the name and was all prepared and cooked perfectly.

The Outback Plate was a presentation of native Australian meat being Yabby, Barramundi, Emu, Crocodile and Kangaroo. The chef managed to keep the kangaroo tender and the Emu moist, basically the food was outstanding.

The service was fast and efficient, it was however Sunday Lunchtime when we visited and there was only one other table so they weren’t exactly pushed.

Outback Plate Seafood Shell


Four out of Five

Four out of Five

Three out of Five

Address: 141-143 Bay Rd, Toowoon Bay, NSW.
Phone: (02) 4332 7135

A place willing to serve real Australian food that has a chef with the ability to do it justice. I believe we’ll be back.

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