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Ettalong Beach Hotel

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Type: Bistro / Pub

The Ettalong Beach Hotel is situated a short distance from the Ettalong waterfront. It is in a fairly new building on the main road with plenty of parking nearby. It has a large easily accessible beer garden outside and there is also plenty of indoor space and seating as well.

The Meal

The menu offered a variety of dishes and the Specials board had a good selection.

We selected a Chicken Aztec and a Drunken Steak (Steak with whisky sauce). Both meals came with chips and salad, fairly standard fare for this kind of restaurant. The food, once it arrived looked like they had been left under the heat lamp for too long. As a result, the whisky sauce of the drunken steak looked overcooked and the salad didn’t look too fresh.

Now to be fair, we were warned when we ordered that there would be about a 45 minute wait for the meals, however when after an hour and a half no food had arrived we started to ask questions. The place didn’t seem too busy and there seemed to be plenty of waiting staff so I can only assume the holdup was in the kitchen somewhere. 

Overall, the food didn’t taste too bad. The steak was cooked correctly and was of an acceptable quality, the chicken was well cooked and moist and the chips were still crispy. Unfortunately due to the slow service we ran out of time and were unable to have any dessert.

Ettalong Beach Hotel


Two Stars

Two Stars

Three Stars

Address: 384 Oceanview Rd, Ettalong, NSW
Phone:(02) 4341 0355

Final Thought: Overall, I’d say it’s a good place to go if you’re in the area; it’s not somewhere I’d go out of my way to revisit

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