Oysters Mornay
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Oysters Mornay

For those that find eating raw freshly shucked Oysters a little intimidating, This recipe for Oysters Mornay is a great compromise. The Mornay sauce is a Bechamel sauce enriched with grated cheese. This versatile sauce is used to coat dishes to be glazed under the grill. Oysters and Mornay sauce, they really do make for a perfect marriage.

Oysters Mornay
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50g grated Cheddar cheese
24 Oysters

˝ quantity of Bechamel Sauce requiring
25g Plain Flour
25g Butter
125ml Milk


Prepare a half portion of Béchamel Sauce as detailed on our How to make Béchamel Sauce page.

While still warm, add the grated cheese to the sauce. Stir the sauce until the cheese has melted completely. The Mornay sauce should have a thick and smooth consistency.

Béchamel Sauce
Add sauce to the Oysters

Pre-heat your grill oven at 170 degrees.

Line a baking tray with foil. Place some rock salt at the bottom of the tray. This will hold the oysters while cooking.

Place one tablespoon of the Mornay sauce on the top of each oyster.

Put the oysters tray under the grill until the sauce has turned slightly golden.

Enjoy the oysters while warm.

Cook the Oysters under the grill

Preperation time:
Yield: 24 Oysters
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did this and added a small amount of cayene pepper to each, just that bit more piquant

Posted by A. Duthie on Thursday, 4.07.13 @ 09:45am

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